Matrix Management

Matrix offers management, according to the scope: 

a. When hiring Management, the responsibility belgongs to Matrix: 

- Installation of operating system, database and applications approved; 

- Management Operating System and Basic Applications approved;

- We solve technical problems regarding OS, BD and approved applications, with service beginning within 15 minutes after ask: first level support 24x7 and 8x5 second level support;

- Management of safety equipment;

- Advanced monitoring of server ports and services (Ex .: 80, 21, 1433, etc. ..) 

- Password administration;

- Security patches; 

- Users and permissions; 

- Control of doors; 

- Reinstalling the operating system, database and applications.

b. Matrix Responsabilities: 

- Support - first level 24x7x365; 

- Monitoring Tickets by URL:;

- Monthly Report - Service Level; 

- OS Installation (see approved versions); 

- Remote Access (SSH); 

- Monitoring of IP Band; 

- Network configuration and security (VLAN - DNS - Rules and Firewall); 

- Matrix will provide credentials to access (users) tailored to the needs of application management. 

- Customer will be responsible for the troubleshooting process related to its application.

** Matrix is not responsible for unapproved application, including impacts on performance / security.

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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