Cross Connect

It is the physical connection between racks or MMR through standard cables.

In this case, Matrix performs the release of UTP Cat-6 standard TIA-568. If cross is another type of cable, the release should be made by the client - monitoring and authorization of our team. 

Right of way: It is the right of passage in our standard cable tubes, through one of our entrances of facilities to the Meet-Me-Room². 

In this case, Matrix only will follow the launch of cable operator, by pre-authorized infra team - project sent previously. 

  • When our manager receives a request for proposal or passage of right to Cross Connect, should question which cable, metallic cable, UTP and coax will be used.
  • Meet-Me-Room or MMR: Racks assigned to carriers, racks are low energy density and intended only for connectivity equipment, such as switches, routers, DIOs, etc., which can not be used for servers / storages.

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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