Load Balance

The Load Balance solution allows you to establish a distribution process (balancing) of work between servers that must perform the same activity, for example, displaying a specific website. 

Distributing the load across multiple servers, you optimize the use of equipment, increases the availability and performance of your applications and also improves the browsing experience of the user. Failures in only one of the servers do not cause declines of its environment. You can even perform maintenance individualized on servers without interrupting service. 

Using a solution of load balancing in your structure also brings you benefits in times of expansion. 
When necessary adding new servers to meet a specif demand, the procedure is very simple and can occurs transparently to the user. Load balancing does not occur randomly. It follows rules and protocols. Our solution of Load Balancecan work both at the transport layer as in the application. In other words, you can define simple rules or more elaborate rules.


  • Increase the reliability of your service or application; 
  • Possibility of business growth without negative impact to the end user; 
  • Servers 100% available; 
  • Maximizing Uptimes: enables individualized maintenance on servers without impacting services, among other benefits; 
  • Balancing: The solution supports basic balancing techniques, as DNS round robin etc.

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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