Storage / Backup

Keep a reliable system backup and protect your data against hardware failures and application errors. The total cost of ownership of a complete backup solution is high. The team responsible for this activity  usually engages in other tasks and don't have time to check that the solution is running. Faults are often discovered only at the time that would be required a restoration. 

Matrix backup solution is according to the volume of data and servers. Copies are held every day, according to previously defined policy. The backup agent works at the scheduled time.


  • Recover your data in case of hardware failure, application or user errors; 
  • Our team is responsible for monitoring backups and periodic tests; 
  • No investment in hardware or infrastructure. Hire the backup as a service, according to your demand.
  • Backups performed automatically every day on schedule, according to the defined policy;

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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