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Certifications and Compliances

Matrix is certified in the world's best practices for hosting mission critical systems

Facilities, technology, processes and certified people

Streamline IT operations, adopting the best practices in the market through a certified partner

Adopt the cloud fulfilling regulatory, auditing and compliance issues

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Matrix certifications and compliance?

Certifications and Compliances


The ratings of Data Centers assess the quality and reliability of hosting infrastructure equipment and the availability of the environment. O TR3 Data Center offersand more availability, as it allows managing demands and maintenance periods without compromising its operation. It avoids scheduled and even unexpected downtimes, in addition to offering modular redundancy, guaranteeingsecurity and reliability.

ISO 27001

It is a safety and process compliance regulation. The ISO 27001 certification is most relevant to provide requirements related to an Information Security Management System (ISMS), ensuring that the company protects confidential data more efficiently and in accordance with global practices.


Matrix also has the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certification, acronym for Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry, created by a commission that checks requirements to ensure that the bank transaction be safe and bank details don't run risk of loss. The rigorous process of complex measures such as data encoding, regular testing of information security systems and processes, and the maintenance of a service policy focused on data security, ensures that the infrastructure is adequate to the data security standards established in the (PCI-DSS), the standard adopted around the world by the credit card industry.


Aiming to achieve the highest level of quality in IT solutions, MATRIX defined and ratified an INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY. It is a set of rules and guidelines that we make available to our team and customers with the intention of guiding all activities related to the use of our resources, always in a logical, safe, sustainable and transparent manner.

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