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Cloud for Totvs ERP

A complete Totvs ERP solution for your business needs

Private and managed cloud fine tuned for Totvs ERP

Totvs ERP system services in the cloud: A Complete solution for secure migration, hosting and parametrization of Totvs ERP.

Advanced security, NFe storage and application integration

Why use Totvs ERP on Matrix's Cloud?

Matrix provides ERP in a SaaS (Software as a Service) format, where you purchase it on a "per user" basis, and outsource all the infrastructure needs. By choosing this delivery format you leave aside concerns about hardware sizing, software parametrization, and maintenance. This accelerates your ERP adoption and allows for you to focus on reaping application usage benefits.

Matrix Cloud ERP solution delivers

ERP licensing, hosting, migration and parametrization of the solution

Private, expandable and integrable cloud, with assured performance

Firewall, VPN, backup and protection against data hijacking

DBA services included

Single point of contact, 24x7

Would you like a 

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