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Guaranteed bandwidth, redundancy and availability

Matrix offers internet connection with guaranteed bandwidth and redundancy of operators: Oi/ Globenet, Embratel, Global Crossing / Level 3, TIM / Intelig, AES, CTBC / Algar Telecom, GVT, Kerax, Unitelco and Neovia. This connection continues through fiber to our data center in New York. All our equipment is Cisco.

IP Link

We are Carrier Neutral, therefore we can serve customers with IP links using own last mile or any operator partner, activating our internet connection and managing access.


Also through own resources, we can offer "lan-to-lan" to our customers.

PTT Metro

We are PIX of PTT Metro-SP, therefore we can provide connection services to our customers, as long as they have ASN.


↑ Availability
↑ Management
↑ Price

Four reasons to choose our solutions:

1 For all connectivity products listed above, SLA (Service Level Agreement) and bandwidth are guaranteed.
2 Stability is fundamental. Our links are based on modern and efficient data centers. Warranty speed is totally controlled by modern equipment, such as CISCO routers.
3 Our network is CISCO "end-to-end." We use this technology throughout the Matrix backbone.
4 Matrix serves all customer needs with available speeds from 182 Kbps in each POP. Consult our sales team.

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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