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Data Center &
Hosted Services

Dedicated Servers, Colocation, and Cloud Connectivity Solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Hybrid IT allows you to get the best out of each infrastructure, based on your workload and business needs. We offer managed services and tailored IT infrastructure projects so you can quickly reach your business goals.

Matrix certifications


ISO 27001



Find IT infrastructure experts here. Integrate dedicated servers or components into hybrid cloud architectures.

Do you have any specific regulatory needs, or do you use custom applications that don't fit the "off-the-shelf" model offered in the market?
Innovation and Reputation

Matrix is a pioneer in the brazilian Data Center market, certified according to international best practices for mission critical systems hosting.

Operating in Brazil for over 25 years, we are one of the strongest providers of IT infrastructure services in the market. Pioneers in Data Center and Cloud Computing services, we combine knowledge, experience, and innovation into a portfolio of next generation products and services to help medium and large companies meet the current demands of a hyper-connected and highly competitive world.

End-to-end management

Single point of contact for your hybrid infrastructure, eliminating complexity and enabling you to reach your business goals faster.

Investment Protection

Integrate software or hardware licenses attached to hybrid cloud systems, and strike the optimal balance between cost and benefit.


Reserved resource options where there is no resource sharing. All components are dedicated exclusively to your environment.

Hyper Scale

Dynamic resource options to handle high fluctuations in user demand.


You control and audit all access to your environment, using technologies from vendors you trust, without worrying about potential vulnerabilities in third-party environments.


Autonomy and flexibility to modify what you want, whenever you want.

Matrix's different Data Center products

All incoming network traffic in the Data Center is inspected in real time to mitigate attacks with a known signature, the most popular types being DDoS and Spoofing.


In this modality of service you rent space, connectivity, and electricity in our datacenter to use with the hardware and software solutions you desire.

Dedicated Servers

The hardware and software that make up our dedicated solutions are acquired by Matrix through top-tier manufacturers. All components are protected with manufacturer maintenance agreements, with the most critical components having on-site spare parts.

Solutions for ISPs

For Internet Service Providers we offer connectivity and redundant bandwidth for internet access, interconnection with IX.BR and Meet-me-Room.

Managed Services

We offer a wide range of managed services, from taking care of your infrastructure to cost optimization of your cloud arquitecture


Store and share your company's data and information in the cloud, securely and cheaply.

IP band

Redundant bandwidth for Internet access, established by circuits from multiple operators and approaches, through different means and paths, with anti-DDoS protection.

360º Tour

Discover our Data Center in 360º

Discover how Matrix can help you on your journey towards digital transformation