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The Data Center was built to meet the strictest rules of physical control. Access, circulation and equipment handling at the Data Center are monitored by watch system and accompanied by a security team.

All security is monitored 24x7x365 by our NOC and videotaped. The client has access to the recorded and real time images.

Physical access to the building (in and out) with individual control, protected by steel doors and bullet-resistant glass.
Security cameras monitor all points of the building, including the Data Center security areas.


Fire Fighting

The Data Center infrastructure has on modern prevention and firefighting technology and is monitored 24x7x365 by the NOC.

The space of a vertical Data Center is distributed over several floors.

This segmentation allows greater control in fire prevention and detection as well as a more effective firefighting. In case of any occurrence, only the floor or segment is affected while the other floors continue operating under normal conditions.

Each floor has two separate systems for fire prevention and extinguishing, redundant and independent.

In addition to ambient ion monitoring through high sensitivity sensors, all safe rooms are equipped with smoke and fire detectors.

The Data Center is equipped with redundant FM-200 gas cylinders in each safe room, in such a way that the room is fully protected.

We do not operate with sprinklers and water fire fighting in order to avoid affecting the equipment and to allow uninterrupted operation even in case of fire.

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Security Procedure

Restricted access to the building/ entrance is allowed only after authorization and accompanied by a Matrix responsible officer.

The Clients' technical teams must previously authorized and their authority to perform specific tasks inside the Data Center (access to hardware, removal of hardware, software update, etc.) must be defined.
Exit from the building is allowed only when accompanied by a Matrix responsible officer.

Entry and exit of equipment is controlled by the security team.

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Air Conditioning

The Data Center air conditioning infrastructure was built to meet robustness and redundancy needs required to support the entire building.

The supply is monitored 24x7x365 by the NOC.

The entire room air conditioned in a Free Water system, that is, without use of water. Each floor has a contingency system based on self-air system.

In that way, while there is a problem in one floor, the other floors operate independently and redundantly.

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The Data Center power infrastructure Center was built to meet the needs of robustness and redundancy in power supply to our clients. This supply is monitored 24x7x365 by our network operations center (NOC).

The Data Center is equipped with:

  • Dual input power to the building, and these inputs are connected to two separate circuits.
  • Last generation Liebert no-breaks.
  • 120 minutes capacity through no-breaks.
  • Diesel generators, 560KVA each, with up to 200 hours back-up time without refuel.
  • Capacity for diesel refueling in less than 24 hours without turning the generators office.

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Redundant network equipment between Primus Data Centers around the world and Matrix Data Center in São Paulo. In addition, there is national redundancy of some equipment between São Paulo and Florianópolis.

Our network is a Cisco Powered Network.

Use of BGP-4 protocol in traffic routing, allowing quick access to different backbones and ensuring servers operation in case of problems and failures in one Internet backbone.


The continued monitoring of the environment is key to the Data Center operation. Our trained team anticipates events and performs periodic maintenance to avoid equipment DOWN time.

Furthermore, our clients are supported by a dedicated number, with 24 hours environment supervision and full redundancy

The maximum lead time for a support request is up to 5 minutes (technical activation of request) and closing of emergency requests complies with the SLA of at least 99.7%.

A team of experienced technicians operating this NOC on a 24x7x365 basis, ensuring the established SLA through:

  • Monitoring hardware, software and network platforms.
  • Analysis of failures on platforms.
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Monitoring the Data Center logical and physical security.

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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