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Digital Transformation

Innovate to achieve satisfactory results. The Digital Transformation of IT happens when the company understands how to use technology to change its culture, optimize and create new business processes.

Your business can reach a new level

We help you integrate tools, culture and processes in order to create synergies to leverage your results.

How Matrix Can Help Your Digital Transformation Journey

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA allows for automation of routine human activities such as registrations, queries, validations and exports, speeding up these processes, increasing productivity, and reducing errors. It can be said that the RPA is a robot, in software form, that performs the operational routines of a human being. RPA makes it possible to exchange information between systems without the need to build an interface between them.


Software that simulates a human conversation over a chat service. Allows for the automation of repetitive and bureaucratic tasks such as answering frequent questions, in the form of pre-defined dialogs between the user and a “attendant robot”.



Devops is a set of practices for integrating software development, operations and support teams with the adoption of automated processes, aiming at the fast and safe production of online applications and services. It involves processes and culture with the objective of using agile application development in an infrastructure management model defined under strict and bureaucratic rules.

Data Analytics

With Data Analytics it is possible to consolidate and analyze data, transforming information into business insights.


Cloud Migration

Our team of experts assists in the end-to-end process: from analyzing workloads in production on legacy systems, identifying the best infrastructure for a given workload, and integrating and replicating data and applications to the cloud.


Abbreviation for Cloud Financial Operation Management. It's about bringing financial responsibility to the cloud's variable cost model. It involves changes in processes, culture and the use of specific tools.

User Experience Automation (AiOps/NoOps)

AIOps is an acronym for “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations”. AIOps brings together three IT disciplines (automation, service management and performance management) to achieve your goals and enable insights and continuous improvement by combining human and algorithmic intelligence.

Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)

IaaC uses high-level descriptive coding languages to automate IT infrastructure provisioning. It eliminates the need for manual provisioning and management of infrastructure elements. IaaC is an essential DevOps practice, indispensable to a competitively paced software delivery lifecycle, as it allows for teams to quickly build and versionate infrastructure, just as they do with source code versioning, and track those versions in order to avoid inconsistencies between IT environments.

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