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Soluções para Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD)

Technology, people, and processes to comply with the General Data Protection Law (GDPL)

Technology to ensure your safety and that of your customers

Serviços gerenciados de cyber segurança e proteção de dados que ajudam sua empresa a atender os requisitos da Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) de maneira inteligente

Count on our GDPL experts to ensure the integrity of your data

Cloud services to keep your business safe

Data Protection

With GDPL the companies that do not take “reasonable measures” to prevent the leakage of their customers' data can be fined. Additionally, it creates conditions so that each individual who had their data exposed can sue the company. As well as protecting the company against information leakage through data sequestration; data protection also ensures cloud backups for immediate restoration, preventing criminals from charging ransoms.

Data Encryption

GDPL establishes as “good practice” the storage of critical data in an “unintelligible” way. Encryption and PKI (public key infrastructure) technologies allow for you to store production, regulatory, or even backup data, users and passwords in encrypted format. These objects need a decryption key to make them intelligible. In addition to storage, data transport across computer networks can be encrypted using VPN (virtual private network) technologies.

Access Management and Password Vault

 Privileged access management (PAM) addresses GDPL requirements ensuring “control and traceability” of access to data and systems. With PAM technology, it is ensured that former employees or service providers no longer have privileged access to company data and applications, preventing leaks. Additionally, the technology allows for the recording of user sessions and, combined with the forensic mode of data protection, enables the production of evidence before a court of law.

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