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Hybrid Cloud with Centralized Management

With Matrix's hybrid cloud you use the best features from each provider and centralize the management with us.

Tire proveito das novas tecnologias sem abrir mão de compliance e controle de custos.

Eliminate the complexity of multiple vendors, different contracts and business models. Use Private Cloud, Public Clouds and Data Center solutions, with a single point of contact, through a team awarded for the quality of its service.

Acelere sua jornada para a nuvem contando com especialistas certificados e infraestrutura de primeira linha em um datacenter hiperconectado.

Why use Hybrid Cloud solutions with Matrix?

At Matrix you have a team of experts to ensure the success of your journey to the cloud. We have a complete portfolio of hybrid and multi-cloud cloud services, designed for medium and large companies:

The hybrid cloud model envisions a public cloud layer, used to integrate employees, suppliers and partners. This layer is integrated with private clouds and traditional datacenter services that support the companies' back-end systems, or core business

The model allows for the implementation of a solution with high customization level, using the best in:

Public Clouds

IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

Private Cloud

Matrix Cloud or "On-Premises" based on VMWare

Traditional Data Center

Use Matrix's or an On-Premises datacenter

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The hybrid cloud approach allows for you to extract the best functionalities from each mode of hosted IT infrastructure according to the workload. Matrix's Centralized Management allows for you to accelerate your company's journey to the cloud while your team gains time to focus on solving business problems.