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Solutions for Internet Providers (ISPS)

Connectivity and Network Interconnection Solutions, Meet-Me-Room(MMR), Peering, Traffic Exchange Agreements and Value Added Services (SVA).

Matrix is among the 10 most recommended Data Centers by Cloudscene in Latin America.
We are also the fifth largest interconnection point (PIX) of the IX in Brazil.

Hyperconnected DataCenter with the lowest latency in the city of São Paulo

Matrix offers high availability connectivity solutions and VAS (value-added services), maximizing service quality and customer loyalty.

Establish traffic exchange agreements with the main Brazilian internet players

Value-added services, interconnectivity with more than 400 operators, and terabytes of added bandwidth capacity

See below all our Solutions for Internet Providers:

IP Connectivity

Matrix's Data Center has redundant bandwidth for internet access, established by circuits from multiple operators and approaches through different means. This configuration guarantees an effective availability of 99.999% for communication with the Internet. The optic fiber backbone has very low latency and immediate scalability in bandwidth, enabling it to deal with carrier transport crises and demand peaks without interruptions or degradations in telecommunications, in a transparent manner for its customers and end users.

Traffic Exchange with members

Matrix´s Data Center is an interconnection point. This allows for the ISP to establish specific traffic exchange agreements with the main Brazilian internet players, members of The ISP establishes commercial agreements directly with the member and is enabled to route traffic between “AS” (autonomous systems) through local data center network interconnections


Physical and dedicated interconnection (cross-connect) between the ISP's equipment hosted in our datacenter, and the operators present in the MMR and/or in the IX.Br. Delivery of the physical interconnection can be done via electrical cabling (UTP) or optical cabling (SM/MM).

Meet-Me Room (MMR)

Specific and reserved space for ISPs in the data center. Contemplates a dual approach for telecommunications operators, collapsed into a specialized room - "Meet Me Room". Rack area dedicated to hosting network equipment for telecommunications operators, such as routers, switches, DIO, computers, converters, among others. Our Data Center is “Carrier Neutral”, which allows for the interconnection of our customers and ISPs with various operators present in the MMR.

Value-Added Services (VAS)

Allows the ISP network operator to create combined offers (combos or bundles) of connectivity and software services, such as cyber security, backup, or cloud computing. The VAS offer increases the loyalty and retention of its end customers, in addition to providing tax benefits for the ISP.

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