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Managed Hosting

Custom servers, performance, security and low costs

Matrix also offers hosting solutions with fair costs. This service ensures a lot of benefits to your company, such as high scalability, redundancy, stability and agility.

Reliability and uptime require much more than hardware redundancy, UPS's and backup generators. Your company needs people to monitor your servers and network connections, detecting and correcting problems continuously and proactively. Our experts are certified and have extensive experience in the area.

Information required: processor, memory, disks (quantity, size, type - SAS, SATA - RAID), operating system, database, IP bandwidth or other connection type; management.


↑ Lower cost infrastructure;
↑ More security;
↑ It is not necessary investments in equipment.

What are the available servers?

Matrix works with all the best brands of servers (AMD, INTEL, SUN, RISC, DELL, HP, IBM, etc.) according to your specifications. Contact our sales team, check the available packages or customize your setup.

Matrix management, save time to focus on your business.

By hiring a management service hosting, you count on a specialized team to manage your IT infrastructure proactively and uninterruptedly. In addition, you have the convenience to know that your data are protected in a world-class safe building, with link redundancy of the best operators in the market. All this at a monthly cost much less than maintaining a similar structure in your company.

Geographical Presence

Brazil, USA, Europe, Japan


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