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Matrix Anti-Corruption Policy

Confidentially report any practice that you deem illegal.

Matrix, always seeking to provide transparency in its services, has an Anti-Corruption Policy in order to ensure that all Matrix Employees (own or third parties) understand the guidelines of the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law and observe its guidelines to prevent and combat situations prone to acts of corruption , bribery and fraud, both in relation to public institutions and private companies.

This Anti-Corruption Policy

It is complementary to Matrix's other policies and procedures in force and has been prepared in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations against bribery and corruption, including, but not limited to: Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law (Federal Law No. 12,846/13) and its Decree No. 8420/15; Antitrust Law (Law No. 12,529/11); Administrative Contracts and Bidding Law (Law No. 8,666/93); Administrative Misconduct Act (Law No. 8,249/92) and its regulations, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA); UK Bribery Act (“UKBA”); United Nations Convention against Corruption (“UNCAC”); United Nations Global Compact and other national and international laws related to bribery and corruption applicable to Matrix.

Matrix prohibits and does not tolerate any practice of corruption, bribery, payment or receipt of bribes, whether with the Public Administration, national or foreign, or with private companies, based on Brazilian and international anti-corruption law.

In case of knowledge of any illegal practice, report it here. We guarantee that your report is anonymous.

report here