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DC Matrix extends its Sao Paulo Data Center connectivity to Miami and New York

New network results in the highest possible data transmission performance for customers with international connections.

DC Matrix, a highly secure Tier III data center located in the vicinity of the Sao Paulo, Brazil, financial district, has announced the activation of its first international fiber network, which will provide a redundant, direct fiber connection from Sao Paulo to data centers and financial institutions in Miami and New York City.

The creation of a one-terabit international fiber connection between Brazil and Miami, with a US domestic fiber link connecting Miami and New York City, will give Matrix customers the highest throughput performance possible with the least amount of latency, all at tremendous cost savings.

"The transmission capacity of a dedicated, one-terabit optical fiber, such as ours, is remarkable. Our customers will now experience a significant reduction of ‘hops,’ resulting in much faster, more reliable, and more flexible connections,” said Eber Lacerda, Jr., VP of Operations at DC Matrix. IP data-intensive users, such as CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), will receive unmatched performance through Matrix’s new dedicated fiber connection, which reduces the latency in international connections by 40%.”

In addition to being a carrier-neutral Tier III data center with an international fiber network, the company has been a Point of Interconnection (PIX) for PTT.br since 2011. Matrix’s data center has a dedicated cross-connect section, where the majority of the large Brazilian fiber carriers and global carriers maintain their presence. As a PIX data center, DC Matrix has the ability to offer strategic partnerships to companies with a high demand for IP bandwidth. This allows Matrix’s Brazil-based customers to interconnect with the 600 PTT.br participants via local Ethernet connections, thereby significantly reducing their IP data usage costs. DC Matrix’s new dedicated fiber link to Miami and New York will now extend this significant cost-saving benefit to customers in the US.


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