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Companies in search of data access expansion migrate from conventional services to outsourcing

Many small and medium businessmen still think that outsourcing IT (Information Technology) services is only for large corporations. Or they still believe that using cloud services is beyond the reach of their businesses, but that is not so, really.

Pursuant to Matrix commercial director Alceu Cheuiche, many companies that now face the need to replace old servers end up opting for outsourcing when they compare costs and advantages.

“The current array of alternatives is ample enough and it is possible to opt for a dedicated server, exclusive and ideal for companies that depend greatly on digital information. Packages may be acquired of a defined data capacity and with a certain access speed, in accordance with business needs, "explained Cheuiche, who stressed that in this case all company sizes are taken care of.

The cloud system for example, is perfect for seasonal requirements, which are on occasion lower or have their peaks, as it rapidly adapts. “In terms of data security and availability, assurance is the same. If a server fails, another assumes the application.”

The executive stressed that the cost is much lower when the option is for an outsourced server, in particular owing to the purchase of equipment, software, maintenance expenses and replacement at least every three years. “HDs (Hard disks) have a useful life counted in revolutions. As they have moving parts, the reader will inevitably wear against the disk and also by the motor’s rotation, explained the Matrix director. Another aspect worth considering for changing servers is new technology. A more modern machine, he explained, will certainly provide performance better than an older one.

“The best strategy is relying on a serious partner to analyze your business needs and to point out the best solution,” concluded Cheuiche.


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