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Companies careless with backups are at risk when they need to retrieve data


There are secure and appropriate backup solutions for every type of need.

Times have changed. Everything or almost everything is done digitally at most companies. Saving time and money is significant, but is everyone taking care of their data as securely as they should? Some companies specialize in managing customer information, and the process obviously includes the possibility of retrieving such data in case of system malfunction or instability.

“Many companies rely on a backup system that was installed some time ago, without conducting any tests or maintenance, and only discover that the data were not being properly saved when a serious problem occurs and they need to recover such information,” stated Alceu Cheuiche, sales director at Matrix. For the executive, the best system is an automated one, which is not dependent on human interference; but it’s common for scenarios to undergo changes over time, and the backup configuration to change or be lost. Today, with the advancement of cloud computing, backup solutions are able to make copies and recover files automatically in a secure, flexible and low-cost manner. “Just one well-designed backup system assures business continuity in the event of a crisis,” said Cheuiche.

At Matrix, the contracting of backup solutions depends on the volume of data and the servers that will be monitored every day, according to the previously defined policy. The major benefit of the system is the possibility of retrieving information in the event of failures in hardware or applications, or even errors committed by users. The solution also includes constant monitoring, to assure data are being backed up properly.



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