Matrix invests in a vault building in order to ensure security of the data center in São Paulo’s south side.

Matrix, one of Brazil’s largest technology companies, is investing in the so-called physical security. The building in São Paulo in which the company’s chief data center is located, will be fitted with more surveillance cameras, body sensors in all the environments and an additional guardhouse, besides access control for cars in two levels. The surveillance team was also enlarged and now its number is 100% higher.

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Cases of espionage lead countries to seek assistance in managing IT system vulnerabilities

Recent cases of espionage involving President Dilma Roussef and the US government brought to light a topic and raised concern among businessmen with regard to the so-called security of information technology networks. In recent years the number of interactive applications employed as a network increased exponentially, while at the same time the level of user confidence dropped, largely owing to widespread access.

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Matrix Internet is preparing to meet the Latin American market’s demand in data center activities

Brazil has been considered the fastest growing Latin American country in data center services (2012 data) and is now preparing to gain a share of demand in the continent’s countries. Matrix Internet estimates a 45% growth for this year, considering the domestic market only.

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Outsourcing IT operations means cutting operating costs and the likelihood of creating a structure appropriate for a company’s business

In the past, the idea was always the maintenance of an internal IT structure in companies, and preferably running everything with an in-house team. Today’s concept is different. A number of companies in the market offer to outsource the IT structure, i.e. put somewhere else the company’s server, with much more security, availability, ease of access and quality.

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Matrix Internet commemorates 25 years and sees business trends expanding and changing with the accelerated pace of technology advances

During the last 25 years information technology advanced with great speed and Matrix Internet saw its business trends in expansion and migrating from the provision of Internet access to the data center segment. The company, this month commemorating one-quarter of a century, takes pride in being one of the pioneers in network security and availability, and is prepared to grow 40% this year only.

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