Companies rely on virtualizing servers in order to reduce electricity use, physical and data storage space

Matrix Data Center specialists revealed that the adoption of cloud computing can also lead to savings ranging from 10% to 40% in assets

The likelihood of optimizing resources and saving electricity, physical and data storage space has led a number of companies to adopt virtualized servers.

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“It is not company size that defines whether or not to outsource a data center,” said the specialist.

The modern world requires non-stop connectivity for all and any business.

Until a short while ago it was company size that defined the need to outsource IT resources with a specialized company. Currently companies of all sizes need to be connected full-time, as business is an ongoing activity.

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Fiber optics physical network connection attracts companies to Matrix Interne

Only 3.2% of accesses in the country use fiber optics.

The fiber optics network used by Matrix, one of Brazil’s largest technology companies, is one of its chief lures to win over new customers.

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Matrix estimates 40% in growth for 2014 with cloud computing and prepares to meet increased demand for the coming years

The Matrix Data Center continues to invest in order to meet cloud computing demand for the coming years. Studies show that demand for the service is growing the segment will expand exponentially soon. Cloud computing revenues in Brazil only will rise to US$ 1.1 billion by 2017, according to consultants Frost & Sullivan. Cloud computing revenues in 2013 topped US$ 328 million.

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Matrix Data Center opts for a “neutral” concept for telecom carriers

Matrix adopted the “neutral” concept for telecom carriers in order to serve its customers better. This means that the company works with several telephone companies and providers in order to ensure customer data availability as efficiently as possible.

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