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Professionals and companies that know how to analyze data will be ahead of the market

In our daily lives, stopping and analyzing a situation – even for seconds – is what makes us make assertive decisions over time. If you observe, you will notice that this process happens at different times of the day, in traffic, when crossing the street, when answering what a co-worker said, when giving space for another person to pass…. 

There are many situations in which we need to analyze what to do, make a decision and act. This analytical decision-making process is increasingly on the rise in the labor market, so much so that the data analytics is one of the emerging trends for 2022 

With the huge amount of data we are exposed to lately, knowing how to transform numbers into information, meanings and solutions to problems is extremely important. This is the only way companies can identify trends based on events, and outline the next steps for their business. 

In this scenario, data scientist careers will be very successful in 2022. If, on the one hand, there are tools that help to compile this data, on the other hand, qualified professionals need to know how to analyze such data, to support business decisions with information.

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Among the outstanding functions in the area of data science, we can mention three: 

Data Administrator, the one that will make data warehousing environments, data lakes, and business analytics (BI) tools work in an integrated way. For this, it is important that the professional has advanced knowledge in operating systems and databases, public clouds, as well as in network architecture. 

Routine Developer, who knows programming and cloud native tools, necessary for processes that involve capturing, transforming and loading data. Additionally, the demand for real-time analysis, using cognitive technologies, grows.    

data scientist, which is linked to the company's business or planning areas. It is the interface between the IT team and the lines of business. In addition to having a detailed view of the above functions, it usually adds statistical and analytical notions.  

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In this sense, it is worth noting that according to research carried out by Alteryx, an analytics automation company, IT professionals in Brazil are at the forefront when it comes to automating time-consuming tasks that produce faster results with the use of analytics technology. To give you an idea, 58% of Brazilian professionals are able to automate time-consuming tasks, while 24% of Germans and 16% of UK data scientists are able to automate similar tasks. 

According to the research, remote work was what encouraged these professionals to develop even more in the area, with the support of senior team members. This comparison shows that Brazil could go through a revolution in the Artificial Intelligence scenario, were it not for some work practices that end up segmenting IT teams. 

An example is that only data scientists receive exclusive training, while other collaborators remain stationed with the same type of knowledge, having skills to be developed and spending all their time and knowledge in activities that could be automated, allocating the workforce to more strategic actions. 

On the other hand, the research also shows that companies need to make more use of the data and information they have. In addition, it is important that the market realizes that Artificial Intelligence transformation and projects are not assets exclusively focused on the technology area, but that the technology area can facilitate processes for any other area of work, helping in the development of the organization. , and why not, of humanity. 

That is, considering the scenario of the job market, which increasingly needs solutions to problems that are being discovered every day, the company that invests in the qualification of IT professionals in the area of data analysis, will be ahead of its competition and with an eye on a future not too far from here, in which access to data will be increasingly decisive for the development of your business. 

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Alexandro Castelli
Product Director