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Remote work with Matrix Cloud Workspace

With the growing adoption of remote work, new technologies and tools are important to ensure the effectiveness of the workforce, as is the case with Cloud Workspace.

New network security technologies have improved according to the demand of consumers and employees, making the VDI (virtual desktop interface) and VPN (virtual private network) models obsolete. With cloud-based technologies, installation processes, support, monitoring and remote work management have become more effective, and the Cloud Workspace service is a reference in the subject.

Want to know more? Read the post until the end and learn about the new modalities of remote work in the market and how Cloud Workspace can help you with this type of service.

Goodbye to Traditional VPN

As we know, business is heading for an unprecedented evolution; In addition to the momentary situation of COVID, there is already talk of the "new normal" where our residences will become the new place of work.

Additionally, remote work tools can accelerate the integration of employees, helping in mergers, acquisitions, and mergers. Finally, the modalities of temporary work, made official in the new CLT, demand technologies to guarantee safe and efficient access for this new type of employee.

However, traditional VDI and VPN technologies cannot handle the demands of these new changes. One of the reasons is the need to install components on each employee's microcomputers, manage temporary access credentials, in addition to the security risks to the company's network, arising from the residential IT infrastructure, such as viruses and ransomware.   

A study by Markets and Markets showed that workspace-type work has grown exponentially. In 2014 it reached $ 4.7 billion and in 2019 it rose to $ 9.41 billion, having a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.6% over the entire forecast period.

In this way, using the cloud workspace is an evolution of VDI, where users can access business applications and corporate data from anywhere using the internet and data centers, in a practical and secure way.

Why invest in Zero Trust technology?

Network security is paramount to business. Therefore, considering the cybersecurity of companies and the constant flow of information sent to different endpoints, the Zero Trust model of security underscores the thought that no one is trusted by default, whether inside or outside the organizational network.

Thus, Zero Trust automates the prevention of possible cyber attacks, fraud and other pertinent actions, minimizing the risks arising from the residential IT infrastructure.

With the expansion of remote work, there has been an exponential increase in attacks that exploit open firewall ports, necessary in the VDI / VPN model, resulting in the constant need to protect all security holes.

Why does Matrix Cloud Workspace guarantee total security and practicality?

Matrix Cloud Workspace solutions allow your employees, partners and service providers to have access to your company's applications quickly, remotely and securely.

Thus, with the quick installation and authentication integrated to the company's authentication systems, the Cloud Workspace supports most ERPs and collaboration packages on the market, making the employee work as if they were physically in the company and in a safe way, following principles of Zero Trust technology.

In addition to the convenience of centralized management, eliminating the need to install software on user devices and opening ports in firewalls, Cloud Workspace guarantees features such as:

1. Transmission security

All sessions are encrypted with AES 256 (not TLS-1.2) to ensure that data is not exposed to any suspicious people on the network.

2. High performance at low cost

Uses akamai network of content delivery, ensuring lower communication latency, regardless of the user's geographic location.

3. Security for applications

Edge servers automatically block DDoS attacks at the network layer and inspect web requests to block threats such as SQL, XSS, and RFI injections.

4. Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

Unified access and control for applications hosted in Matrix, in retail cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), or on customer premises.

Benefits of having Cloud Workspace

From what we have already pointed out, you can get an idea of the advantages that the Matrix Cloud Workspace can offer your business. However, if you still have doubts about it, read the main ones we have prepared:

Security, robustness and fault tolerance

Matrix Cloud Workspace has data center environments with the highest physical security, in order to ensure that your company's remote work happens efficiently and productively, but even more, safely.

In addition, such environments have redundant power supply and electrical energy generation systems. All this to ensure that your company does not stop, in any case.

Matrix Cloud Workspace is the right partner for the company that wants to function not only efficiently and productively, but with security in relation to its IT operations.

IT infrastructure simplification

Another point worth mentioning in relation to the Matrix Cloud Workspace is that it has specialists who are responsible for carrying out routine maintenance tasks for your company's IT infrastructure, ensuring that it works efficiently and optimally.

With this, you can simplify operations in this sector and ensure that your IT team focuses on what really matters: on projects that can positively impact your business, increasing not only the number of customers, but sales, oxygen of any and every organization.

Your IT team has more freedom to design high-impact projects for your business, leaving IT maintenance activities to those who understand the subject and can collaborate for the development of your company.

Cash flow improvement

Matrix Cloud Workspace can also contribute to improving your cash flow, as it allows you to minimize investments in ICT infrastructure by contracting managed hosting services.

In addition, depending on the reality of your business, you can suggest replacing Capex with Opex, thus making your company more modern, optimized and economical.


In addition to offering the advantages that we have highlighted, the Matrix Cloud Workspace can provide an immediate upgrade of data processing, storage and transmission, thus providing your organization with organized and systematized information for strategic use.

Such data can be consulted whenever necessary by any of its managers for consistent and assertive decision making.

The instant scalability of the Matrix Cloud Workspace allows your company to meet the changing demands of users, thus making it ready for the digital reality.

Digital transformation is an inevitable path and Matrix knows that, that's why it makes itself available, providing hosting services that every business needs today to function properly, efficiently and securely.

Alexandro Castelli
Product Director