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Solutions for Remote Work​

Accelerate the digital transformation of work by keeping applications and data secure

The need for mass adoption of remote work, in a short period, meant that many companies ended up opening security holes in their networks and applications.

Safe and efficient remote work

Remote work must first of all be secure: avoid opening ports on your firewall and ensure application-level access control. Apply multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that access to your company's information is restricted to employees and partners; and not criminals.

The new generation of technologies to support remote work is cloud-based. Cloud Workspace addresses remote work by publishing applications (not desktops) that are embedded in encrypted Http pages (https).

Employees, partners and suppliers access their applications and data in the cloud, through desktops and smartphones.

RDS, VDI or Cloud Workspace

Regardless of the architecture adopted to support remote work, it is important to worry about adding layers of cybersecurity to keep the environment safe. This can be done by contracting data protection services, MFA and PAM; that not only prevent cyber criminals from acting, but are also capable of providing a quick response; in case the worst happens.

Start your digital transformation now of your company's work