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PIX and CIX transport services to PTT

Exchange of traffic with the main Internet entities in Brazil, members of CGI.Br

Connection to São Paulo traffic exchange point (PTT/SP). Count on circuits redundant telecommunications networks, with a dual approach to two IX.Br points of presence in the city of São Paulo. Ensure the lowest latency with the country's leading PTT!

The free, reliable and decentralized Internet

Point of Interconnection (PIX) / Channel IX (CIX)

Transport via a double approach, to two locations on the IX.Br. Physical (PIX) or logical (CIX) ports for the ISP to reduce its IP costs, through the establishment of traffic exchange agreements

The video is a production of Euro.IX, available for educational purposes only
Matrix sells transport and interconnection services to IX.Br for customers hosted in its datacenters
IX.Br, its brands, services and products are property of Nic.Br, IX.Br and CGI.Br

Transport services to IX.Br to make your ISP more competitive, through traffic exchange with PTT in São Paulo

What is IX.Br's PIX and CIX?

Exchange traffic with members through the fourth largest PIX in Brazil.


It includes the provision of dedicated physical ports, optical cabling, and transit capacity to the IX.BR Traffic Exchange Point


It contemplates the availability of logical ports, and transit capacity to the Traffic Exchange Point IX.BR

I want lower cost for IP