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What is AiOps and what are its advantages?

What benefits can AiOps platforms bring to companies?

The search for automated solutions is increasingly intrinsic in the routine of Information Technology (IT) operations. New technologies are dynamic and evolve rapidly, right? 

To follow trends, implement innovations and leverage results and productivity, it is essential to combine work with the use of digital tools. 

What is here to stay are Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. In general, the common objective of all software in this segment is one: to optimize the processes of the IT sector of companies and, consequently, improve the efficiency and quality of delivery of products and services to employees, partners and customers. 

Today, artificial intelligence and cognitive IT are everywhere: surveillance cameras, cloud solutions, productivity tools, cybersecurity systems and even on our cell phones (who hasn't talked to Siri?).

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It is no wonder that 40% of professionals in the information technology segment interviewed by the Global AI Adoption Index 2021, said that they already use AI in their work models. It does not stop there! According to the same report, the adhesion of Brazilians to AI technologies places us as a reference when it comes to Latin America, where the number reaches 21% of adhesion to the new technology. 

The use of AIOps makes it possible to predict and prevent crises, through the automation of the investigation process, diagnosis and correction of failures of heterogeneous IT systems. Let's understand better about the technology throughout this material!

What is AiOps?

Conceptualized as a set of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations – AiOps aims to optimize and automate the activities of the entire IT department: from developers, to IT infrastructure professionals and business consultants. . 

AiOps uses Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Robotization, in a combined way for the monitoring, measurement, analysis and automatic repair of systems, in real time.

This allows IT teams to get rid of repetitive tasks, providing a more strategic and problem-solving approach to the business. Operations based on artificial intelligence include the following features:  

Automated mapping and monitoring of all your IT assets:

AiOps technology automatically and proactively maps your entire IT park: on-premise, public or private cloud; giving visibility not only to the infrastructure, but also mapping the dependencies between the infrastructure and the applications, as well as the dependencies between applications.

Automated root cause analysis:

Since it has visibility into all applications and their dependencies, artificial intelligence automates problem investigation and analysis. This makes the IT team eliminate these phases of their process, and go straight to the necessary intervention and correction. This fix can then be programmed into AiOps and automatically applied when the problem persists. The result is much shorter repair times and higher application availability.

Performance optimization and user experience visibility:

The technology allows full visibility of the user experience, pointing out bottlenecks during the user's journey in applications. The technology precisely points out any problems in the infrastructure or even in the source code of applications, to ensure incredible digital experiences for its customers.

I want to implement in my company! How do I do?

You already have a working dynamic for managing data, processes, and applications, but if you've come this far, it's because you want to improve them. No one better than you can point out how AiOps would simplify your work routine. The challenge is to translate those pains into business problems.

AiOps tools include free trial periods. This is an effective way of demonstrating to managers or business consultants the advantages of technology, always from the user's point of view. 

Another important point is that AiOps platforms integrate with IT management tools – ITSM, for example. The improvement in service quality and ticket resolution time can be another important justification for investing in AiOps.

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Roberto Rozon
Commercial Vice President